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Basics on Mutual Funds

The basics of successful investing in mutual funds are the same for all kinds of investors, from beginners to professional money managers. Everything you need to know about mutual funds is here.

Mutual Funds Spotlight10

Rydex Funds

If you are looking for a fund company that specializes in niche areas, such as bear market funds and sectors, check out Rydex Funds.

How to Choose the Best Funds for a 401(k) Plan

Choosing the best mutual funds in a 401(k) plan can be a challenge. Find out how to build the best portfolio, even with limited options.

Risk Profile - Investor Questionnaire Links

Which are the best investments for you and your risk tolerance? Check out this helpful guide and links to online risk profile questionnaires.

What is the Meaning of 'Don't Fight the Fed'?

What is the meaning of "Don't fight the Fed?" Does the old investing mantra really work as a market timing strategy?

Top 10 Best Mutual Funds

What are the top 10 best mutual funds of all time? Check out this list and learn how to find the best funds for your own portfolio.

What Are Enhanced Index Funds?

What are enhanced index funds? Can they beat the index?

Should You Invest in Convertible Bond Funds?

What are convertible bond funds and how can they be used in a portfolio?

Fixed Income for Dummies

What is fixed income? How do bond mutual funds work? Investing in bonds can be risky if you are not aware of the basics.

Best Bond Funds for Beginners

The best bond funds for beginners are often the best bond funds for almost every investor. Just keep things simple, low-cost and diversified.

Long-term Bond Funds - Definition

What are long-term bond funds and when is the best time to invest in them? What type of investor should use this type of mutual fund?

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