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Mutual Funds: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The 3 Best S&P 500 Index Funds
Finding the best S&P 500 Index funds can be easy if you know what to look for. Here are a few of the top S&P 500 Index funds and why we recommend them.
The Top 10 Best Mutual Funds
What are the top 10 best mutual funds of all time? Check out this list and learn how to find the best funds for your own portfolio.
A Simple Explanation of Mutual Funds
What is a mutual fund? In one simple explanation, learn the definition, basics, advantages and types of mutual funds.
Do Certain Funds Benefit From Presidential...
Does the presidential election cycle influence stock prices? If so, which are the best funds to invest for election years?
Top 5 No-Load Mutual Fund Companies for DIY...
Which are the best no-load mutual fund families? Find out where, why and how to find simple, low-cost and high quality funds, all in one place.
I Like Dave Ramsey But He's Dead Wrong on...
Investment advice and financial planning guru Dave Ramsey gives his radio show listeners and book readers sage advice but he gives some poor advice on mutual funds.
Learn What You Need to Do with Your 1099
What do I do with my 1099? Do I have to file it with my taxes? Does the IRS need a copy? Why did I receive a 1099? There are more than a dozen different types of 1099 forms but the most common 1099 forms are generated from investing activities, such as dividends, capital gains and IRA and 401(k) distributions and rollovers.
Mutual Funds 101 - The Beginners Guide to...
Investing for dummies can't get any smarter than investing with mutual funds. Learn the definition, then move on to the basics.
What Are Index Funds?
Index funds are mutual funds that are intended to track the returns of a market index. Index funds are considered to be passively managed because the portfolio manager of each index fund is replicating the index, rather than trading securities based on his or her view of the potential risk/reward characteristics of various securities. In recent years, more obscure indexes have been created.
Which of These Top Investing Strategies is Best...
You don't need to be an expert to apply one of these top investing strategies. In fact, if you don't have a strategy, you may be making a big mistake.
How to Choose Between Value or Growth Investing
Which investment strategy is best - value or growth? Or are index funds the best way to invest? Find out for yourself.
Learn How to Use the 4% Rule for Retirement...
The 4% rule is a good retirement planning guideline to help estimate how much income an investment account can generate. Find out how and why.
Which Are the Best Bond Funds to Buy Now?
Finding the best bond funds in 2016 can be challenging, especially in a rising interest rate environment. Here are investing ideas you can use now.
Best Online Tools for Mutual Fund Research
Mutual fund research can be made easier with a good online research tool. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, these sites are among the best.
The Best Funds for Investing in Gold
Gold can be used as a hedge against inflation and a falling US dollar, but what's the best way to invest in this precious metal and commodity?
What Are Index Funds and Which Are the Best?
What are index funds and which ones are the best? Are they better than ETFs?
10 Reasons to Add a Mutual Fund to Your Portfolio
While there are a plethora of options, a mutual fund can offer a simple, efficient way to invest for retirement, education or other financial goals.
The Best Mutual Funds for Beginners
Choosing the best mutual funds for beginners is not a matter of finding the best performers of the day. Instead, beginners are wise to know their investment objectives and future plans and prepare for a long-term strategy. Therefore, assuming you want to do it yourself, it is wise to know which mutual fund companies have the best variety of low-cost, no-load funds.
No-Loads or Load Funds - Which is Best?
Should you invest in no-load funds or load funds? Which is best for you and what is the difference?
When Capital Gains Aren't a Good Thing
Each year, generally in the last couple of months of the year, mutual fund shareholders face the possibility of receiving capital gains distributions from their mutual funds. Don’t be fooled by the capital gains distributions. These are not gains of the good sort.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average and why should investors care about it? Although this index only represents 30 large industrial companies, the Dow Jones index still has significant relevance.
Pros and Cons of Using Dividend Mutual Funds
Dividend mutual funds - stock mutual funds that primarily invest in companies that pay dividends - profits that companies share with stock shareholders.
The Definitive List of Top Indexes
Need a list of the major market indexes? Check this list for a quick and easy reference for investing in the major stock and bond indices.
Mutual Fund Shares Class Types
What are the different types of mutual fund share classes and what are their basic advantages or disadvantages? Which shares are best?
See a List of the Cheapest S&P 500 Index...
While cheaper doesn't necessarily mean better, the best index funds tend to have the lowest expenses. Here's a list of the cheapest S&P 500 funds.
What Are Mutual Fund Class R Shares?
Should you invest in R Share mutual funds? Before investing, be sure to understand how the different share classes charge fees and expenses.
Beat Rising Interest Rates by Buying These Bond...
Which are the best bond mutual funds in a rising interest rate environment? Which bond funds do better against inflation?
Where to Find the Best No-Load Funds
If you want to buy the best no-load funds, you need to begin your search with the mutual fund companies that offer the highest quality, low cost funds.
Best Time to Invest in Small Cap Stock Funds...
When is the best time to invest in small-cap stocks? Learn strategies for investing in mutual funds that hold these aggressive stocks.
Which Bond Fund Type is Best for You?
Understanding how bond mutual funds work can help investors understand other areas of finance and economics such as stock investing and interest rates.
7 Tips for Choosing the Right Mutual Funds
Choosing the best mutual funds can be easy. Learn how to find and choose the best ones for you with these simple and proven methods.
How to Analyze Mutual Fund Performance
Past performance of a mutual fund may not be a guarantee of future results but if you know how to analyze performance--if you know what to look for and what to avoid--you can make better investment decisions.
Learn More About Sectors and How to Invest in...
If you are looking for a good list of sectors and the best mutual funds and ETFs for each, here is a great guide for learning the basics.
What You Should Know about Mutual Funds before...
As a popular investment option, you have probably already heard plenty about mutual funds. Chances are you own mutual funds in your retirement plan or brokerage account. In fact, according to the Investment Company Institute, more than 92 million individuals in the U.S. (about 45% of U.S. households) owned mutual funds in 2008. But do you know what mutual funds are and why so many people own them?
How to Invest in Silver
When investing in silver, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) or Exchange-Traded Notes (ETN), it's important to know the risk and nature of commodity investing.
Best Total Stock Market Index Funds
What are total stock market index funds? Which are the best?
What Does an Aggressive Portfolio Look Like?
For an example of how to build an aggressive portfolio of mutual funds, take a look at this model allocation with helpful percentage suggestions.
Dreaded Short-Term Capital Gains Distributions
While most people are painfully aware of short-term capital gains, short-term capital gains distributions are often a misunderstood -- and always a dreaded -- aspect of mutual fund investing. Financial advisors, sophisticated investors and novices alike, forget the rules of the unpleasant feature of mutual funds we know as short-term capital gains distributions.
What Is the Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond...
The Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond Index is the benchmark for most bond funds traded in the US. Should you use a total bond market index fund?
How Index Funds Are Advantageous for Investors
Why invest in index funds? Learn about passively-managed investments and how their advantages often enable them to outperform actively-managed funds.
What are dividend dates?
Learn more about dividend dates and you can save taxes and improve the performance of your portfolio.
What Are the 6 Steps of Financial Planning?
What are the 6 steps of financial planning? Use the same planning steps as professional planners.
Retirement Income Funds
Retirement income mutual funds can be a simple investment choice for those investors already in or entering retirement. See some of the best retirement income funds and find out if they are a good fit for your needs.
Learn the Main Categories and Types of Mutual...
Learning how mutual funds are categorized helps an investor choose the best funds for asset allocation and diversification purposes.
Top 16 Tips for Investing in Mutual Funds
It's never too early or too late to review the basics of investing with mutual funds. Check out this easy list to get started or to get back on track.
Tips and Examples for Building a Portfolio of...
See basic tips and examples for building a portfolio of mutual funds.
Long-Term Investing and Performance
Learn more about long-term investments here with examples, strategies, and analysis on how to become a successful long-term investor.
How to Invest in Dogs of the Dow With Mutual...
Some mutual funds invest in the Dogs of the Dow stocks. Not exactly market timing, these 'dogs' are also among the best stocks for dividends.
10 Tips to Reduce Taxes and Maximize Returns
How do I reduce taxes on mutual funds? Understanding mutual fund taxation will help you improve your overall returns by being a smarter investor.
Moderate Mutual Fund Portfolio Example
For an example of how to build an moderate portfolio of mutual funds, take a look at this model allocation with percentages.
How Mutual Funds Work
When an investor buys a mutual fund, their investment dollars are used to purchase new shares of the mutual fund. Learn more information here.
Learn the Basics on Investing in Defensive...
What are defensive sectors and how can an investor use them for best investing strategies?
Use These Fund Types for Kids
What is the best way for children to get started investing with mutual funds? Here are some fund types and specific fund names for kids or anyone beginning to invest.
What is Aggressive Growth?
What is Aggressive Growth are what are some mutual fund examples? Aggressive Growth is a mutual fund objective that is so broad, an investor can easily make a mistake when building an investment portfolio. Therefore, the Dave Ramsey mutual fund portfolio example can be misleading advice.
The Best and Worst Bond Funds for 2015
Find out which bond funds may perform best in 2015 and which are likely to perform the worst.
How Are Mutual Fund Dividends Taxed?
What are dividends and how are mutual fund investors taxed on dividends? Understanding the basics taxation is essential to investing success.
How Do I Compare Index Funds to Actively-Manage...
The evidence shows that there are good active managers, but finding such managers in advance of their outperformance is difficult. According to Vanguard, for the 10 years leading up to 2007, the majority of actively-managed U.S. stock funds underperformed the index they were seeking to outperform.
What is Growth & Income?
The growth and income objective for mutual funds is a combination of one part growth and one part income. Learn more with this simple overview.
Bogle Doesn't Think You Need International Funds
Do you need international stocks? John Bogle doesn't think so. Here's why.
Total Stock Index vs S&P 500 Index: Which...
Which is best, a total stock market index fund or an S&P 500 index fund? See the differences between them and the advantages for each
What to Look for (and What to Ignore) When...
What should you analyze when researching mutual funds? Here's all you need to know (and a few things you can ignore).
Retirement Investing 101 - Mutual Funds
What are the best mutual funds for retirement planning and savings? What about taxation? Learn the best investment strategies for retirement.
6 Sites to Research Mutual Funds
Whether you use an advisor or you do it yourself, you might enjoy a few sites to help you research mutual funds. Follow the 6 links for helpful advice.
Best No-Load Funds to Get Started Investing...
High quality mutual funds with a low purchase price are rare. But we found 3 of the best funds to get started investing with just $100.
Which is Best for You - Index Funds or ETFs?
Which is best, index funds or ETFs? What are the differences? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Learn how to choose the best for you.
Why Index Funds Beat Actively-Managed Funds
Why do index funds outperform actively-managed funds? Over long periods of time, index funds have higher returns than their actively-managed counterparts for several simple reasons.
5 Things to Know About Mutual Funds
There are a few key things every investor should know about mutual funds. Be prepared by knowing the risks, options, and expenses laid out here.
What is the Difference Between Bonds and Bond...
When is the best time to use bonds versus bond funds? Find out here by learning about basics, differences, when to buy which, and more.
How Do You Start Investing With Mutual Funds?
To get started investing with mutual funds, you will need to know the basics. Learn how by understanding mutual fund types, taxation and how to buy.
Do This Homework Before Building Your Mutual...
Before you build a portfolio of mutual funds, learn some of the basic tips for investing and planning your strategy.
Why Invest in Mutual Funds? Here are the Top 8...
The benefits of mutual funds make them the first and best investment type for beginners and pros alike. Use these benefits to your advantage.
Load or No-Load? Choosing the Right Mutual Funds
No-load mutual funds are free of sales charges (loads), but they do have costs. Be sure to know those costs before you buy.
What is Short-Term Investing?
What is short-term investing and performance? What are some examples? How long is short-term?
5 Disadvantages of Mutual Funds
Before you invest, you should do your homework. Will you choose to use mutual funds, closed-end funds, ETFs, and/or individual stocks and bonds? Inevitably, your homework assignment will lead you to articles outlining the disadvantages of mutual funds. But are all of these so-called disadvantages of mutual funds really disadvantages of mutual funds? Let’s take a look at several so-called disadvantages of mutual funds,and how you can avoid them.
Understanding Mutual Fund Fees
There are various classes of shares of each mutual fund available for purchase (a mutual fund may offer various classes of shares to investors -- the differences are in the fees and expenses of each share class). Several common share classes are: Class A, Class B and Class C. Each share class requires a management and operating fee and many share classes charge a 12b-1 fee.
These Are the Best Types of Funds for 401(k)...
What are the best funds for a 401(k) plan? Here are the basic mutual fund types that work best in employer sponsored retirement plans.
How to Determine Your Own Investment Objective
What is an investment objective and how can you go about forming one for yourself? What are some examples?
What to Look For in a Mutual Fund
There is more to analyzing a mutual fund than reviewing past performance. Find out what to look for in the best funds.
These Fidelity Funds Produce High Dividends
Whether you need a source of income or a solid investment for long-term performance, you'll want to check out these top Fidelity funds for dividends.
What Are Conservative Mutual Funds and Who...
Find out how can investors find the best conservative mutual funds and how to build their own low risk portfolio of funds.
What is Fixed Income Investing?
Fixed income refers to an investment strategy that is intended to produce relatively fixed or stable income and is commonly used by retired investors.
Inflation Definition, Examples & Investing...
A lack of understanding of inflation can be detrimental to an investor's portfolio. Learn how to invest & hedge against inflationary economic environments.
What is a Mutual Fund's TTM Yield
Have you ever done research on a mutual fund and discovered its TTM Yield? Here's your opportunity to learn the definition of TTM Yield and how to use it.
See Samples of Mutual Fund Portfolios
Need some mutual fund portfolio examples? Here are a few basic and simple portfolios for 3 types of investors - aggressive, moderate or conservative.
4 Reasons to Sell Your Mutual Fund Now
Follow these four helpful pieces of advice to see why you should (or shouldn't) sell your mutual fund. Consider your personal goals and market changes.
Who is Fidelity Investments?
Who is Fidelity Investments? There is more to know about Fidelity than their mutual funds and retirement services.
Should You Invest in Growth Stock Mutual Funds?
What are growth stock mutual funds? What are examples of growth stocks? Learn how to successfully apply this investing strategy.
What is Form 5498?
What is form 5498? When should you receive it and what should you do with it?
Vanguard Investments
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Who is Vanguard?
These Vanguard Funds Produce High Dividends
Vanguard funds are famous for their low-cost mutual funds. They also have some of the best dividend funds for income and long-term investors.
Diversification: The 3 Most Important Things...
Diversification with mutual funds is more than just putting your eggs into different baskets. Find out how to properly diversify with mutual funds.
Regulations of Mutual Funds
Mutual funds must comply with a strict set of rules that are monitored by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Find basic information and links here.
Fixed Income Funds - Basics on Bonds
Fixed income funds are an excellent diversification tool for investors. Start with these five basic types of bond mutual funds.
Build Your Own Lazy Portfolio
Want to know how to build the best lazy portfolio? Start with these timeless and tested investing strategies. Set it and forget it!
How is Modern Portfolio Theory Used With...
How is Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) used with investing? Learn the definition, application and criticism of this popular investing style.
How to Build an Entire Portfolio With Only the...
Find out how to build your own investment portfolio with the best Vanguard funds.
Hit Your Target Retirement Year With These Funds
What are the best target date retirement funds and how are they used? Find out how to use these simple, diversified funds for your nest egg.
Where to Invest When Interest Rates Go Up
What are the best investments when interest rates go up? Here are some mutual funds and sectors for rising rates.
Learn the 5% Rule of Investing
How much is too much with investing in mutual funds? You don't want to allocate high percentages of your savings to some fund types.
See the Best Mutual Funds from Blackrock
Investors looking for the best Blackrock funds can begin their search with three diverse choices that have beaten the category averages in the past.
Can Bond Funds Lose Money? Yes They Can!
Can you lose money with bond mutual funds? Find out how and when bonds can depreciate in value.
The Best Way to Invest a Big Chunk of Cash
Whether you want to invest a 401(k) or IRA rollover, a tax refund, an inheritance, or you win the lottery, there are a few smart ways to best manage a large amount of cash, no matter what the stock market or economy is doing at the time.
Should You Invest in Closed-End Funds?
Closed-end funds are not the same as mutual funds but there are similarities and a few features that can give investors an advantage if used properly.
How to Know If TIPS Funds Are Best For You
Should you invest in TIPS mutual funds? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
Why Buy a Municipal Bond Fund?
So you have heard a lot of talk about municipal bond funds and do the research to find a fund for you. But your research suggests that the yields of these municipal bond funds are less than many of their bond fund counterparts. So, why would you want to buy a municipal bond fund if you can buy another bond fund that has a higher yield?
What Are Mutual Fund Class D Shares?
Should you invest in D Share mutual funds? Before investing, be sure to understand how the different share classes charge fees and expenses.
What Is a Mutual Fund Expense Ratio?
The percentage of fees paid to the mutual fund company to manage and operate the fund, including all administrative expenses and 12b-1 fees. The expense ratio excludes sales charges.
Best Fund Types to Use in Tax-Deferred Accounts
Which mutual funds are best for retirement accounts, such as IRAs and 401(k)s? Do some fund types have advantages over others?
How to Buy Mutual Funds for Beginners
If you need to know how to buy mutual funds, the process can be simple and profitable. Just learn these basics and you'll be on your way to success.
What Is Cost Basis?
Find the definition of cost basis (also known as tax basis) here, as well as some examples to assist in understanding and application.
Beginner's Guide to Buying Mutual Funds
How much does it cost to invest? Should you hire an advisor? Learn the basics of how to buy mutual funds with this helpful overview.
What is a good expense ratio?
If you want to find the best low cost mutual funds, you can start by looking at this list of average expense ratios for basic fund types.
Bond Funds for Beginners
What is fixed income? How do bond mutual funds work? Investing in bonds can be risky if you are not aware of the basics.
These Are the Best Mutual Fund Types for...
Check out this comprehensive list of mutual fund types that generate more income, in the form of dividends and interest, than other fund types.
What is a Core and Satellite Portfolio?
When building a portfolio of mutual funds, the core and satellite design is the best and simplest structure to use. Find out how to do it yourself.
Conservative Investors Should See These...
If you are looking for solid, low-risk mutual fund, you'll want to check out these three best Vanguard funds for conservative investors.
How Often Should You Rebalance Your Portfolio?
When is the best time to rebalance a portfolio of investments and how often is ideal? Rebalancing is a simple buy low and sell high strategy.
How to Beat Inflation
Inflation erodes at the value of money and can be an investor's worst enemy. Learn how to beat inflation by investing in mutual funds.
Should You Invest in the S&P 400 Index?
What is the S&P Midcap 400 Index? Learn more about this often overlooked segment of the market and improve your portfolio's growth potential.
When Is the Best Time to Invest In Index Funds?
When is the best time to invest in index funds? Market timing can be foolish but there are times when passive management beats active management.
Do You Know the Difference Between TTM Yield...
When researching mutual funds for income, it is important to understand the differences between the TTM Yield and the 30-Day SEC Yield.
10 Ways to Time the Market With Mutual Funds
As with all investment strategies and financial plans, there are wise steps you can take to time the market without taking unreasonable risk.
Here Are the Best Funds to Buy for the Long Term
The best mutual funds for long-term investors are suitable for a holding period of 10 years or more. But which are the best funds to use?
DIY 401(k) Investing: All You Need to Know
Choosing the best mutual funds in a 401(k) plan can be a challenge. Find out how to build the best portfolio, even with limited options.
What is a Lump Sum Distribution?
What is a lump sum distribution? Find out what to do when you are given distribution options from your retirement accounts.
What is a Mutual Fund's Total Net Assets Under...
What is a mutual fund's total net assets under management and why is helpful to analyze this for best investment practices? How much is too much?
What Is a Sector Fund?
A sector fund is a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund that concentrates its investments in a single sector of the market. If you invest in individual stocks and you’re uncomfortable investing in stocks within a particular sector, then you may benefit from sector funds. You can diversify your portfolio by adding the neglected sector via a sector fund.
Best Sectors for Investing in 2015
Investors can diversify and boost portfolio performance by investing in some of the best sectors in 2015.
Your Questions About Index Funds Answered
Do you have questions about index investing? The answers to what you want to know (and what you never thought to ask) about how to invest with index funds are all here.
What Are Derivatives?
A derivative is a financial instrument that derives its value from an underlying asset such as a stock, bond or commodity.
Use these Fund Types for Taxable Acccounts
Which funds are best for taxable accounts? Do some mutual fund types have advantages over others when used in regular brokerage accounts?
How Many Mutual Funds Should You Have to Be...
How many mutual funds does it take to be diversified? The answer depends upon your objective and the type of funds you buy.
3 Easy-to-Follow Examples of Lazy Portfolios...
Get the most out of your Vanguard Funds with one of these examples of lazy portfolios.
Find the Best Funds for You With This Complete...
Which are the best funds for you? See a complete comparison of fund types, such as load vs no-load, value vs growth, actively-managed vs index, and more.
Who is Morningstar?
Morningstar is best known as a mutual funds research company. But what exactly do they do?
What Are Balanced Funds?
Balanced Funds are mutual funds that provide a combination (or balance) of underlying investment assets, such as stocks, bonds and cash.
How to Know the Best Way to Invest for Yourself
To maximize returns and minimize risk, you need to find the best investment styles and strategies that work for you.
What is the MSCI Index?
What is the MSCI Index? There are many different variations of this foreign stock index. These indexes are followed by other acronyms, such as EAFE, ACWI, IL, DM and EM. What do they mean and how can investors use them?
How Much Risk Should You Take With Your...
Gauging your risk tolerance is a good way to help you determine how you might react when stock prices crash.
How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Mutual Fund...
Don't make this common mistake of mutual fund taxation and learn the basics of dividends and capital gains distributions.
What is Deflation?
What is deflation? Learn how to invest and hedge against deflationary economic environments.
What is Beta?
A mutual fund investor can use beta in planning their fund selection to determine volatility of the fund and to compare its sensitivity in movement to the overall market.
Emerging Markets vs International Stock Mutual...
Should you invest in emerging market funds or international stock funds? Or is it best to invest in both? Find the answers you need here.
Avoid These Bond Funds When Interest Rates Are...
Which are the worst bond funds for rising interest rates? Sometimes winning in the long term is about not losing in the short term.
What's the Difference Between No-Load Funds and...
Are no-load funds the same as load-waived funds? What's the difference and which one is best?
Here Are the Best Funds for Safety and Stability
If you are looking for the safest mutual funds, you are probably seeking stability in price. Here are some things for conservative investors to know.
The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Mutual Funds
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > Do Know the Definition of a Mutual Fund
Beginner's Guide to Index Investing
You may have heard about index funds. But what is an index? What are examples of best known indexes?
What Are Stable Value Funds?
Stable Value Funds are offered in many 401(k) plans and other employer-sponsored defined contribution plans throughout the United States. Learn how to use and benefit from Stable Value Funds in your investment portfolio.
How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?
How much money do I need for retirement? When asking yourself this question, you can get a good estimate by following a few basic planning steps.
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