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No-Load vs. Load Funds

Do you know what a load is? Which is better? No-load or load mutual funds?

No-Load vs. Load Funds
Should you invest in no-load funds or load funds? Which is best and what is the difference?

Know Your No-Load Mutual Funds
How many times have we been told that there is no free lunch? The same holds true with no-load mutual funds. No-load mutual funds are free of sales charges (loads), but they do have costs. All share classes of funds -- load or no load -- carry fees that are paid out of the fund’s assets to the fund’s investment advisors. (as opposed to paying the advisor/broker who sells the fund).

Why Buy No-Load Mutual Funds
What are the reasons for buying no-load mutual funds and where is the best place for investors to find them?

The Best No-Load Fund Families
There are hundreds of fund families to choose from but there are only a few that offer investors a wide variety of high quality no-load funds. Find out which fund families are the best for no-load funds.

Why Buy Load Funds?
Why buy loaded funds when you can buy no-load funds? There are a few basic reasons why paying a sales charge for buying mutual funds is worth the added expense.

No-Loads vs Load-Waived Funds
Are no-load funds the same as load-waived funds? What's the difference and which one is best?

All About No-Load Funds
Some mutual funds charge loads. Many others do not. Learn about the significant cost savings available through the purchase of no-load funds.

Which Mutual Fund Share Class is Best?
Which mutual fund share class is best for you? Which is worst? When choosing which fund class is most suitable, investors should take several factors into account, including holding time, expenses, trading costs, the need for advice and more.

Load Funds and the Net Asset Value Transfer
If you are considering selling one load fund to purchase another, read this important article by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Making the Most of Mutual Fund Breakpoints
Breakpoints are the investment amounts at which a fund offers investors sales charge discounts. The more you invest, the greater the discount to which you may be entitled.

Mutual Fund Fees and Expenses
The US Securities and Exchange Commission provides information on no-load funds and funds that charge a sales load.

Buying Mutual Funds: Load or No-Load?
If you want to avoid loads, you have two choices: Do all your own investing or compensate your adviser in some other way.

Index & No-Loads
Index funds and no-load funds are the chosen investment type for the smart do-it-yourself investor. Learn more about index investing and no-load mutual funds.

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