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Value vs Growth Investing

The value vs growth investing debate is important for all investors to understand. No matter which objective or strategy you use, you may become a better investor by understanding how and when to use value and growth funds in your portfolio.

Value vs Growth vs Index Investing
Which is best - value or growth? Are index funds better than value and growth? Take a look at this historical data and review the performance charts for yourself and make an informed decision.

What Are Value Stock Funds?
Mutual funds are an ideal means of gaining broad exposure to value stocks. What are value stocks? Which mutual funds are best for exposure to value stocks? What is the best timing for investing?

What Are Growth Stock Funds?
What are growth stocks? Which mutual funds are best for exposure to growth stocks? What is the best timing for investing? Mutual funds are an ideal means of investing in growth stocks for the average investor. Advanced investors can also use them as tools in their portfolios.

What is Your Investment Style?
Choosing investment styles is like matching personality types in relationships. To maximize returns and minimize risk, you need to find the best investment styles and strategies.

Invest Objective Definition and Examples
When you hear the term, investment objective, what does it mean and how can you go about forming an investment objective for yourself? What are some examples?

What is Aggressive Growth?
What is Aggressive Growth are what are some mutual fund examples? Aggressive Growth is a mutual fund objective that is so broad, an investor can easily make a mistake when building an investment portfolio. Therefore, the Dave Ramsey mutual fund portfolio example can be misleading advice.

What is Growth & Income?
What does Dave Ramsey mean when he says "growth and income?" Learn more about the growth and income objective for mutual fund investing.

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